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Summer Camp 2024 Dates: 
July 8-12 
July 15-19 
July 22-26 
August 12-16 
August 19-23 

Summer 2024
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Summer 2023
You Information is 100% Secure And Will Never Be Shared With Anyone.
Learn How to Lift, Run, Jump and Live. 

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What Is It?
LIFT Performance Camp is a sport performance camp designed to improve your child’s athletic capacity and prevent
injury through increasing their strength, speed, agility, explosive power, and educating them on nutrition and
healthy lifestyle practices
Who is it For?
Our camp is for young athletes between 11-14 years of age
who are motivated and want to improve their fitness to
excel in their respective sport. It caters to improving movement skill that will transfer to all sports and creates confidence and aptitude for a lifetime of training
How is it Run?
There are a variety of options that campers can sign up
for. The main product is a half day camp that runs every
day for one week. There are full day options as well, but
they are essentially two half day camps combined so it
can be a tiring day. There are also 8-week, 90 minute, 2
day a week (Tuesday, Thursday) or 3 day a week
(Monday, Wednesday, Friday) options in the late afternoons. They are similar to our regular youth performance programs but for a shorter time commitment.
Some of what will be learned includes:
  •  Basic strength movements such as squats, lunges, presses, deadlifts, and core training.
  •  Explosive power training with jumps, throws and bands
  •  Acceleration speed, top speed, and starting mechanics
  •  Acceleration, deceleration, lateral movements, and pivoting
  •  Meal planning, making good food choices, fueling performance
  •  Sleep habits, stress management, time management, and proper recovery 
Summer 2023 Offerings
Morning (8:30-12:00)

July 10-14

July 17-21

August 7-11

August 14-18

Each Camp Has limited spaces. Be sure to secure your spot before we sell out. 
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